#GDPR - 2 (dB.drop_tables())

 “Our database of customers’ email addresses, including yours, will be deleted.”

Génial !
Ça, j'aime !
Enfin du marketing exigeant.
Wetherspoon, chaîne de pubs anglais, a donc décidé d'effacer sa base de données d'emails. Entre autre à cause de l'arrivée prochaine du GDPR (billet).

On parlerait de quelque chose comme 600k+ adresses.

Ils ajoutent:

“Following the data breach in December 2015 Wetherspoon has been reviewing all the data it holds and looking to minimise.[...] We felt, on balance, that we would rather not hold even email addresses for customers. The less customer information we have, which now is almost none, then the less risk associated with data.”

Lien www, datant de cet été.

Thomas Gerbaud